When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

A: As far back as I can remember. Writing has always been apart of me. I used to write longhand in spiral notebooks. I finished my first story in the 5th grade. It was 80 pages long, and my characters were everyone living in my neighborhood at the time. No one even knew I was writing about them. Sadly, I've moved too many times and haven't come across my very first book.

Where do you get your ideas?

A: Everywhere! I'm not kidding, either! I could be listening to a song, watching a show, reading a book with a line that sticks out to me and BOOM! Idea.

Do you base your characters off of people you know?

A: Yes. A lot of character inspirations stem from the closest people in my life. Some of it I don't even realize until they point it out to me.

Do you have any stories planned in other genres?

A: Sure do! I have a paranormal that was part of an anthology and will be republished as a longer novella or short full length book soon! And I do have other ideas in paranormal, YA, psychological thriller, and even supernatural thriller/romance.

What was your most challenging book to write?

A: There are actually a few, for different reasons.

1. Tis the Season For Forgiving. Why? Because it's Eric Jensen's story. If you followed along with the first two Secret Santa books, you'll understand why. I couldn't believe it when a reader wanted to see a redemption story for him. I showed that to my husband and he kept prompting me all year to write it.

2. The Bench. What is the Bench, you ask? It was a 6k short story I wrote for an anthology called Treasured Moments. I don't write short well! But it worked out, even though readers have asked for an extended version. One of these days...

3. Queen Of My Heart. I've said a lot how certain books tried to break me or kill me. Queen of My Heart really put that phrase into perspective. Okay, so it didn't actually try to kill me, but wow. Writing that story took a LOT out of me, especially because the plot line changed part way through the book. And then there were scenes I had to walk away from several times because they were difficult to write. The book is probably one of the, if not the most emotionally intense stories I have ever written.

Are you ever going to write a stand alone?

A. HEY! I happen to have THREE of those out right now! Though I do admit, I've been planning on incorporating one of them into my new series. But that still leaves me TWO, and I DO have other stand alones in the works.