January 2, 2017

Happy New Year and latest updates....

Welcome to 2017! Let's hope for a rockin' year for everyone. Here's the latest on me and my books.

In November, I posted that I was experiencing some burn out and needed to delay the release of Dear Christmas. I also took a writing break and am going to get back into the groove this month. Right now, I have no set date for Dear Christmas, as I hadn't even finished it when I made the announcement. I will keep you updated!

New covers!

I have no current release date or blurb for either book, but I wanted to show off the covers anyway. (Cover sharing is like my Christmas!)

About Damn Time

About Damn Time is book 3 in the Life Won't Wait Series. This is Winnie and Parker's story. It's actually the one I'm off and on writing, and will dig deeper into this book when I'm back on a writing schedule. No blurb, no release date, but you can add it on Goodreads to be up to date with the information.

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Extraordinary Dreams

This is Love and Music in Texas book 7. If you've read Skyrocket, you'll know the Bare My Soul tour from Kyra and Matt's point of view. But this is also Baby Stetson's first major tour, and the series began the focus on Baby Stetson, so Extraordinary Dreams was born. It won't be the same scenes from Skyrocket in another point of view, though some may overlap slightly. These will be all new scenes and feelings from some Baby Stetson members.

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If you are a Kindle Unlimited user, a few of my titles are currently in the program.

You can find:

Queen Of My Heart

It's Always Something

The Masterpiece Trilogy boxed set (And each individual book)

I also have a few boxed sets currently in KU.

Get ready for Skyrocket, the 6th installment in the Love and Music in Texas series. Readers have been eagerly asking for more of Matt and Kyra, especially about her comeback tour. Skyrocket delivers that and so much more! Grab your copy of the latest book enjoy the hottest concert tour of the summer!

It's the moment she's been waiting for...

Kyra Sanders is back! With her comeback album just released and a highly anticipated summer tour, her career is ready to skyrocket once again. She's pumped and ready to go. After all the hell Kyra went through, it's about time things are on track.

But then come the concerns and doubts...

Just when things have fallen into place, Matt Greer receives a letter regarding his son which should come as no surprise, but it's still a blow.

And that's not all...

Baby Stetson is rearing to go for their first big tour.


One is dealing with paranoia about a face from the past.

Another gets unexpected news.

Feelings and plans get conflicted...

Not everyone's head is in the game.

Not everyone is ready for the media and their rumors.

Lives are in chaos.

Dreams are on the line.

The Bare My Soul tour will definitely be a summer for everyone involved to remember...

Don't miss the hottest concert tour of the summer!


Kyra faced the audience again. “I almost think I shouldn't have warned them ahead of time, then they would really have been in for a shock when I started pranking them. But it's been fun!” She grabbed her water bottle and drank a quarter of it before setting it down out of the way. The lights dimmed slightly. A slow beat played in the background. Smoke effects rose from the front of the stage.

Somewhere in close proximity, angry shouts rang out. Matt scanned the area in an attempt to figure out what the fuss was all about. At first, he thought something that had to do with Kyra, but discovered it was a couple in a pretty nasty verbal fight. The woman stormed off, and the man followed. Then a third person darted after them.

It must have gotten to Kyra, because she stood frozen on stage, missing her cue when the song started.

The crowd hadn't figured out right away that something was wrong. Matt surprised himself when he jumped up to take action. “Andrew, I'll be back!” Matt rushed to find one of her crew members, fighting his way through the mob of people. “Hey, do me a favor. Hand me a microphone and let me go up there!” he directed to one of the surprised men.


“Let him up. This is Kyra's boyfriend.” Landon practically appeared out of nowhere.

“I didn't know you were here,” Matt said, happy to see him.

“I wanted to see how she'd do here. And no, I wasn't the one who booked this stadium. Here's a mic. Let's get you up there. What are you going to do?”

“I'm going to make sure Kyra knows she's safe. I'm sure she's told you what happened. I think that couple fighting spooked her.” Matt took the mic, his stomach all in knots. “Tell the band to go on with the music. I've got this.” With the help of one of the crew, Matt jumped up on stage. Kyra didn't see him right away, but the audience went wild. Matt raised the microphone and started singing the lyrics to the song. She whirled around and faced him, her mouth ajar. Then, good ol' Kyra, she regained her composure and sang along with him.


It's Always Something, a Life Won't Wait novella, featured in the holiday boxed set Christmas Pets & Kisses 2, releases October 11th. Twelve Never before published novellas featuring pets, and set around the holidays. Preorder your copy for 99 cents!

What I'm working on:

Shhh....I'm actually working on several projects, but the most noteworthy one and the one I'll talk about now is Dear Christmas, the fith and final book in the Secret Santa Series. Who is the hero of Dear Christmas, you ask? Well, how about the sweet little six year old boy Ben, who stole hearts from the very beginning in The Secret Santa Wishing Well. He gets his own grown up story in Dear Christmas. Release date, cover, and blurb to be announced. Stay tuned!